Saint’s Mom’s Multifunctional Must-Haves

I have been asked by numerous moms and moms-to-be… Out of all the stuff that’s out there, what are your favorite things? What do you like and what do you actually use? Personally, I am all for keeping it easy and having one item that can serve multiple purposes…and there is no better time of the year than now to gift your favorite mom with some multifunctional finds 🙂

Hands down the Kiinde Feeding System takes the cake for feeding. I love, love, love these bottles. And here’s why:
1.) The bags are direct-pump. There is an adapter that comes with the starter kit…this adapter connects the Kiinde Twist Pouches directly to whatever breast pump you have. So many times I hear about mom’s spilling their precious “liquid gold”… but, not with the Kiinde bottles, there is no transferring of milk! No spills, no leaks!! When pumping your breastmilk, the milk goes directly into the Twist Pouches for feeding or for storage.

Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.31.02 PMScreen Shot 2017-12-17 at 10.30.46 PM
2.) The Twist Pouches are direct feed. Once you are ready to feed your little one, all you do is remove the cap from the storage bag, snap on the nipple and baby’s bottle is ready to go! Best thing ever.
3.) You can store your milk surplus in the Kiinde bags. When I was on maternity leave I had a huge surplus of breast milk. I was able to freeze that additional milk in the Kiinde Twist Pouches and once Saint was ready to eat, I take out a bag, unthaw it in the frig or use the Kiinde warmer (comes with the starter kit).
4.) Not just for breastfeeding. As I mentioned in my previous blogs, Saint drinks formula as well. So I mix up his formula in a mason jar and using the funnel that comes with the starter kit, I pour his formula into the Twist Pouches.
5.) NO CLEANUP! Let me say that again, NO CLEANUP! You throw the bags away once you’re done. A box of 80 pouches costs about $12-$15 which is very comparable to other breastmilk storage bags. Kiinde Feeding System is amazing!

I cannot say enough about the Doona Stroller/Car Seat. I totally understand why the company that makes this stroller is called Simple Parenting because this is literally the most simple travel system ever! It’s a car seat and a stroller. You push a button and it converts to a car seat or a stroller. Meaning, you don’t have to grab the stroller from your trunk, take the car seat out and clap it to a stroller. It is all-in-one! If you’re a parent that takes public transit, the Doona is the perfect solution for you. This Doona is everything! When getting out of the car, I push a button to remove the car seat from the base and push a button on the back of the car seat and BAM… Now it’s a stroller!

It can’t get any easier than that.
Click here to check out the detailed demonstration!

Baby Carrier
There are so many options for baby carriers! I was seriously overwhelmed with options when trying to decide which to purchase. After a lot of trial and error…I have two carriers that I go to. When Saint was a newborn my go-to carrier was the Moby Wrap. I love the wrap because it adjusts specifically to you and your shape because it’s basically a long piece of fabric. Another great thing about The Moby Wrap is that you can wrap it multiple ways. Click here to check out this video that shows you how! The Moby Wrap has great head support for newborns. The only downside is that takes because it is a wrap, it takes about a min or two to put on. This leads me to my next favorite carrier the Ergo Baby. The Ergo Baby is super comfortable for Saint, quick and easy to put on and adjust. Ergo Baby offers various different styles and selections to meet whatever need you have. We have the Ergo Baby Original. This carrier allows you to carry your baby in three different positions 1.) Front 2.) Side 3.) Back. The Ergo Baby also offers great back support for me and lasts until your child is 45lbs. If you would like to get this carrier for your infant, Ergo Baby also offers an infant insert that can be added to your carrier.

I won’t bore you all with the type of crib Saint sleeps in because, in my opinion, a crib is a crib and it is all about personal preference. However, it is what Saint sleeps in the works magic. The Baby Merlin Magic Sleep Suit is heaven sent! Saint was going through a bit of a sleep regression, therefore Hubby and I were going through a sleep regression as well. So once a co-worker told me about The Baby Merlin Sleep Suit I did not hesitate on purchasing and let me tell you, this sleepsuit did not disappoint. The first night Saint slept in his sleep suit he slept 9 hours straight!!! Initially, I thought maybe it was just a coincidence but, Saint now naps for longer periods of time and sleep throughout the night wearing the magic sleep suit.


This is not necessarily multifunctional, however, mama needs her sleep to think on her toes :-). Totally worth the $40.00!

Saint loves his Summer Infant Laid-Back Lounger Deluxe Three-Stage Infant Lounger. Unlike a lot of the baby loungers, the Summer Infant Lounger is multiple uses. It is great for:
1.) Baby lounging/napping
2.) Propping baby up
3.) Tummy time
4.) Seat for baby

Play Time
Out of all the toys, rockers and bouncers, this is by far Saint’s favorite thing! He absolutely loves his Infantino Grow-With-Me Playtime Tent. This is another item that is multifunctional. The Infantino Grow-With-Me Playtime Tent Tent can transform from an infant gym to a play teepee for your little one.


The teepee has four hanging toys and a large-mirrored to engage baby. This teepee is also great when baby begins to crawl you can close one side of the gym to create a crawl tunnel. How cool?!


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