Reclaiming My “Me Time”

As a new mom, one of my biggest challenges has been finding some time just for me. Since Saint has arrived every decision I make┬átakes him into consideration. Between being a wife, being a mother, and being in Corporate America I have very little time to just be me. The lack of time for myself started to make me bitter and┬áspiteful of others around that … Continue reading Reclaiming My “Me Time”

Saint’s Mom’s Multifunctional Must-Haves

I have been asked by numerous moms and moms-to-be… Out of all the stuff that’s out there, what are your favorite things? What do you like and what do you actually use? Personally, I am all for keeping it easy and having one item that can serve multiple purposes…and there is no better time of the year than now to gift your favorite mom with … Continue reading Saint’s Mom’s Multifunctional Must-Haves

Nana (Old School) vs. Pediatrician (New School)

We all have that one person in our lives that their career choices just make sense for their personalities. Like the one friend that has all the book sense in the world but lacks a little common sense and decides to be an engineer or a doctor. Well, mine is my mother. My mother (Nana) is what I would like to call a professional mother. … Continue reading Nana (Old School) vs. Pediatrician (New School)

Top Reasons Why I Despised My Husband Shortly After Delivery

“I love my husband, I love my husband”, that’s what I continued to tell myself shortly after Saint was born. Hubby had been great the entire pregnancy, from attending every doctor’s appointment (and I mean every appointment) to rubbing my back when I would be in pain. He was pretty much as perfect as it got from a partner standpoint. Even my doctor and nurse … Continue reading Top Reasons Why I Despised My Husband Shortly After Delivery

4 Things I Tell My Friends About Motherhood

So how is motherhood going so far? What’s it like? Granted I am still very new to the motherhood gig and lucky for my girlfriends I am the first to blaze the trail. In the rare moments that Saint is not crying, I’m not pumping, or cleaning and making dinner…I share with my girls the real of what motherhood is (at least for me) and … Continue reading 4 Things I Tell My Friends About Motherhood